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"Jackie is by far the best consultant I have worked with. The in-depth understanding of the syllabus is so valuable, especially the work she does with AQA, which ensures we ‘get it right’. More than anything it is the personalised course she delivers” UTC, Bolton

AQA GCSE and A level

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BTEC Student revision

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About peActive


Jackie Brookes

Jackie achieved her AST in 2011 and continued to work as a lead practitioner, focussing on whole school teaching and learning. In 2016, after 16 years’ teaching, she left her position as second in department to pursue her ambition and founded peActive.

She specialises in active teaching and learning and her teacher workshops and student revision conferences reflect this, with a focus on raising engagement in lesson and maximising attainment. The sessions are well received thanks to the practical nature and array of fun, different and innovative ideas presented.

Jackie has taught all aspects of A level and BTEC and specialises in physiology, whereby her engaging ideas allow students to grasp difficult concepts. She is fully involved in the examination and moderation process at GCSE, BTEC and A level and has been recognised for her bespoke in school package. Her experience allows her to adjust her delivery to suit the needs and outcomes of the department with examinable PE.

Jackie is also a tutor and development coach for YST (Youth Sports Trust). Currently, she is completing most of her work on the Girls Active and Game of our Own programmes, both of which target activity levels in teenage girls. This is a topic that Jackie is passionate about and she is able to use in school consultation strategies to support schools in embedding these powerful programmes and messages.

What PE departments say

These are examples of recent feedback from schools I have worked with.

“Thank you so much for this information and also your excellent inset. I am so incredibly grateful to you. The whole department felt it was really worthwhile and we all felt you were very flexible with content and tailored to suit our needs”

Kingswood School, Bath

“Thank you, Jackie, for a great AQA GCSE CPD session. Very valuable, informative and really well resourced. Would definitively recommend if you and your school needs support, guidance and help with teaching the new spec”

Putteridge High School, Luton

“Jackie was fantastic and her delivery was robust”

“Transformed our delivery and our particular students will thrive. Accompanied with great resources” 

Platanos College, London

Client Testimonials

I have been very lucky to go on several of Jackie’s courses with AQA and found them very useful. The tailored session of having Jackie in our school was extremely useful. Jackie is extremely knowledgeable and during the teacher only session we fired many questions her way and her knowledge of the specification was outstanding and she was able to give innovative teaching ideas in order to stretch our students to achieve higher grades.

The second session with our GCSE students was extremely helpful. Jackie was able to use a variety of teaching ideas to break down challenging questions for our students to understand. By the end of the course all students felt more confident in the long answer questions.

Hannah Procter
head of academic pe, Tormead school, guildford

I really enjoyed the PE workshop, I found it really interesting and informative. I found it really useful when we were working with the Year 11s, who have a bit more knowledge and experience, this helped me feel more confident in what I was doing and learning. Going through the command words and asking what they meant will really help me in the exams by knowing what exactly I need to know, apply and explain!

Overall, it was an extremely enjoyable afternoon and I feel a lot more confident and prepared coming out of it!

Year 10 Student
Tormead school, GUILDFORD 

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